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Occupational Exposure Workbook and Guide Updates
26 Feb 2018

A guide to the reports and the Occupational Exposure workbook are now uploaded in modules, Occupational Exposures. click on following links...


VICNISS Webinars
6 Feb 2018

VICNISS has planned a series of educational webinars in February/March 2018. Please read more for a list of topics, dates and the link to register for any webinar/s you wish to attend. We have allowed one hour for each session which will include time for questions and discussion. Some sessions may not use the full hour.


acNAPS Annual Reports
1 Nov 2017

acNAPS annual reports are now listed under Publications / Annual Reports


CPE Reporting survey
11 Sep 2017

The CPE Reporting Survey was to be completed by COB Friday 8th September, if you have not already done this, click read more for the surveymonkey link and complete the survey.


Update to CPE Transmission Risk (TRA) list
11 Sep 2017

Please be advised that there has been a recent update to the secure online portal containing a summary of TRA classified wards within Victorian health services


Aged Care Surveillance Update
22 Aug 2017

VICNISS, the National Centre for Antimicrobial Prescribing (NCAS) and the Guidance Group continue to collaborate in the development and evaluation of the Aged Care National Antimicrobial Prescribing Survey (acNAPS). acNAPS is a quality improvement survey that aims to reduce infections, improve the use of antimicrobials and thereby reduce the SERIOUS threat of antimicrobial resistance. Funding is provided by the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Healthcare. In 2017, it can be undertaken on any single day between Monday June 19th and Friday September 1st.


More News

VICNISS-NCAS Partnership

VICNISS is a partner in the National Centre for Antimicrobial Stewardship (NCAS). The multiple areas of overlap between antimicrobial stewardship and infection control mean NCAS and VICNISS are working collaboratively on many joint projects.

Some of these include:

Aged Care NAPS
Surgical NAPS

Resources such as guidelines, root cause analysis/ audit tools and fact sheets can be found on the following link:

Information for Patients

Many healthcare associated infections are preventable. As a consumer of healthcare, you may wish to know more about how to prevent acquiring an infection during your hospital stay. The consumer facts sheets below have been developed to support the messages on healthcare associated infection contained in the NHMRC Australian Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Infection in Healthcare (2010). These fact sheets aim to inform patients, visitors, families and carers about healthcare associated infection, what activities healthcare facilities have in place to prevent infections and/or to limit the spread of infections.

There is a vast amount of information available on the internet in relation to healthcare associated infections some of which may not be accurate. If you wish to know more regarding infection prevention; contact the Infection Prevention team at your hospital, or you can use the recommended links of reputable websites below.

Consumer Useful website links