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Masterclass Data Speaks 29th August 2017
2 Aug 2017

The VICNISS Coordinating Centre is presenting a Master Class that will provide participants with the knowledge to understand, interpret and report surveillance data. Please register prior to 21st August.


Revision of VICNISS Manual July 2017
12 Jul 2017

The VICNISS manual has been updated and is now available on the VICNISS website. Users should familiarise themselves with all changes (major & minor) to surveillance modules which they perform. Please see Summary of Revisions to VICNISS Surveillance Manual, July 2017 for major changes.


NEW online submission of Annual Surveillance Plan 2017-2018
17 May 2017

VICNISS has introduced online submission for the annual surveillance plan. The 2017-2018 surveillance plan is to be submitted by June 1 2017. A series of webinars were recently held to explain how to access and complete the new online annual surveillance plan. To access a recording


Updated SAB Investigation Guide
20 Feb 2017

An updated SAB Investigation Guide is now available on the VICNISS Website under both Modules and Manuals. For direct link click on read more...


2017 Healthcare Worker Influenza Information Update
7 Feb 2017

The protocol, hardcopy data form, instructions and template for the HCW influenza vaccination declaration form, as well as the links to the promotional material order forms and the 2017 HCW Influenza Vaccination Campaign Webinar are now available on the VICNISS website. The data collection period for 2017 is: 3rd April 2017 to 4th August 2017. Data are to be submitted to VICNISS by 18th August 2017.


New CPE Guideline for Health Services and Long-term Residential Care Facilities
31 May 2016

The Victorian Guideline on CPE requires all hospitals conduct a CPE PPS every 6 months in all ICU's, organ transplant wards & haematology wards. A CPE PPS electronic data collection form (web form), as well as instructions for completion of the form and frequently asked questions is available on the website.


More News

VICNISS-NCAS Partnership

VICNISS is a partner in the National Centre for Antimicrobial Stewardship (NCAS). The multiple areas of overlap between antimicrobial stewardship and infection control mean NCAS and VICNISS are working collaboratively on many joint projects.

Some of these include:

Aged Care NAPS
Surgical NAPS

Resources such as guidelines, root cause analysis/ audit tools and fact sheets can be found on the following link:

Information for Patients

Many healthcare associated infections are preventable. As a consumer of healthcare, you may wish to know more about how to prevent acquiring an infection during your hospital stay. The consumer facts sheets below have been developed to support the messages on healthcare associated infection contained in the NHMRC Australian Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Infection in Healthcare (2010). These fact sheets aim to inform patients, visitors, families and carers about healthcare associated infection, what activities healthcare facilities have in place to prevent infections and/or to limit the spread of infections.

There is a vast amount of information available on the internet in relation to healthcare associated infections some of which may not be accurate. If you wish to know more regarding infection prevention; contact the Infection Prevention team at your hospital, or you can use the recommended links of reputable websites below.

Consumer Useful website links