The Victoria Department of Health is providing Infection Prevention Control (IPC) training and educational advice to all sectors and industries.

The following free educational services are on offer until 24 June 2022.


These informative and engaging reoccurring webinars provide practical IPC knowledge that can be applied to a range of industries. Topics such as hand hygiene, PPE, cleaning and ventilation are covered. Participants are given the opportunity to ask questions and share scenarios.

Each webinar repeats the core topics each week with new scenarios and questions raised. Participants are encouraged to reattend if they would like to refresh their knowledge or ask new questions.

Click on the webinar link to join the session (registration is not necessary) and print out the poster to promote the session within your business.

Webinars are held each week until 24th June 2022, excluding public holidays.

Basic principles of Infection Prevention and Control

Open to staff from any industry and provides an understanding of how to interrupt the spread of infectious diseases.

Aged care round table

Aged Care staff are invited to this open discussion on IPC Principals in the Aged Care setting.  Participants can drop in at any time during the session to ask questions or bring their own scenarios for discussion

Disability sector

These one hour sessions are divided into two sections – the first 30 minutes provides education on IPC Principals, while the second 30 minutes allows for Q&A and scenario sharing. Participants can drop in at any time during the webinar.

Education Sector

Open to the education sector – including day-cares, schools, youth groups, etc. Suitable for facility or community staff, including teaching, administrative and care staff.

If you have any questions about these webinars, please contact the team at Covid19Education&


The department can create tailored, in-person, interactive training or webinars for businesses and facilities on a range of IPC topics.

Experienced educators provide advice on IPC education to a wide range of sectors and industries. This can include reviewing existing IPC training content or providing training to staff on how to be an IPC educator.

To discuss IPC training needs, or for more information, email the Infection Prevention Control Advice and Response team at the Department of Health at Covid19Education&