National Hand Hygiene Initiative Update

Please confirm bed numbers in HHCApp

Organisation Administrators recently received an email from the National Hand Hygiene Initiative Helpdesk asking them to:

  • Check if you have any organisations listed in the red box on the dashboard. If you do have an organisation listed please update the number of beds/number of chairs/annual number of procedure per year field on the organisation details page.
  • Check for all your organisations that the number in the number of beds/number of chairs/annual number of procedure fields on the details page is correct for the Audit 1 2020 period and if needed, update and save the new value.

Please note that for Victorian public hospitals this information (number of beds/number of chairs) is provided annually by DHHS and updated in HHCApp by VICNISS.

Please do not change this number in HHCApp unless you have a stand-alone* dialysis unit in which case you will need to update the number to the number of procedures per annum.

* A standalone or satellite dialysis or oncology centre is one which is physically separate to a healthcare facility with other areas requiring HHC data collection.

A healthcare facility with a dialysis or oncology ward is required to collect HHC moments for that ward as per the Guidelines for Data Submission Hospitals.

Please confirm the number is correct or if you believe the number is incorrect please contact Jennifer Bradford (phone 9342 9356 or email

NHHI Audit 2 2020

If you are submitting data for NHHI Audit 2 2020 (optional) please submit the audit via HHCApp when complete. You do not have to wait until the due date of 30th June 2020

Change to HHCApp Reports

Due to Google Analytics software changes the Generate PDF (previously emailed) and Print PDF functions are no longer available in HHCApp.
You can now only print to PDF what you see on the screen.  A few tips to facilitate this process are:

1. Open HHCApp using Google Chrome

2. Run desired report

3. Right click mouse and select Print

4. Ensure that the "Background graphics" check-box is ticked in the print options when saving the PDF

5. Can also remove 'headers and footers' in the print options

Gold Standard Auditor Resources

The Commission has now set up the GSA domain to house resources to train general auditors in the Learning Management System.

These are now available to all GSAs (when logged in) by clicking on Help/Documents in the top right hand corner of the screen, then scrolling down within the new window.

If any of the GSAs at your organisation cannot access this domain please contact Jennifer Bradford.

If you have any queries regarding the above, please contact Jennifer Bradford (phone 9342 9356 or email