Current Projects

Project Name Description Collaborators Link
STRUTI (2015) Point prevalence surveillance of urinary tract infections in both acute and aged care facilities in Victoria, ACT and Tasmania Professor Anne Gardner Australian Catholic University A/Prof Brett Mitchell Avondale College
acNAPS (2015)
Joint infections data linkage (2015) Project aims to link VICNISS and VAED data and examine agreement in terms of infection; also look at burden of infections from 2003 to 2013. Possible linkage to NJRR subsequently Prof Richard deSteiger, Epworth Healthcare; Australian Orthopaedic Association National Joint Replacement Registry  
Joint infections (Peel) (2015) Study examined pathogens causing infections and adequacy of prophylaxis; also treatment and outcomes of early and late onset infections Dr Trish Peel  St Vincent’s Hospital  
ANZICS (2015) Aims to develop an improved method of stratifying or peer grouping Victorian Intensive Care Units for comparison of infection rates Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care Society  

Completed Projects

Project Name Description Collaborators Link
Aged Care Grampians region (2009)      
Colorectal Bundle (2009) Development of a bundle of care for colorectal surgery to reduce risk of SSI Monash Health  Colorectal Module & Publication(J Hosp Infect 2011 Aug;78(4):297-301

ASCTS (2004) Linked VICNISS data with ASCTS data to examine completeness of each dataset, risk factors and patient risk Australian and New Zealand Society of Cardiac and Thoracic Surgeons  Publication (Infect Control Hosp Epidemiol,2007 Oct;28(10):1162-8